A Bit About Myself

Hey everyone!

As my first post on here I just want to welcome you all and tell you a little bit about myself!

So, my name is Simran and I’m an English tutor (as you may know now ha-ha)! But before this, I was a cabin crew. Travelling is my passion so I always decided to go in that area of work. But with the pandemic I had to change everything and go to my next passion! Teaching!

Teaching gives me such a good feeling and I feel so much more knowledgeable even after teaching different students.
I am definitely a people person! I love getting to know people, and different cultures!
For just over 3 years I’ve lived in Cologne, Germany. And I absolutely love the city! So I decided to stay here and I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many friends from around the globe! I also learnt some German (which you really need if you decide to live in Germany), and I had the best time studying the language! In fact I even teach students English in the school where I learnt German! Crazy!

I hope you enjoyed my first post! And don’t forget to contact me if you have any question, or want to find out more about learning English with me!